CLASS: 2022






GPA: 3.63


MAJOR: Education/Medical

HIGH SCHOOL: D.C. Everest (#16)

CLUB TEAM: Fire Pro (#6)




SKILLS: 59 mph fastball, 45 mph change up, 60 mph OH, 3.24 home-1st, 13.24 home-home, 68 mph exit velocity

JUNIOR (D.C. EVEREST): .455 average in 66 AB, Pitching: 3.07 ERA in 82 innings


1st-Team Wisconsin Valley All-Conference (utility)
Nominated for USA Today High School Sports Award

2020 CLUB
Class B National Champions with Everest Fastpitch
2nd Place – PGF Class A National Championship with Fire Pro

2017 CLUB
2nd Place – Class B National Championship with Everest Fastpitch


Paige Kislow is a 2022 RHP/3B/UTL from Weston, WI. She is a vertical-style pitcher who is consistently hitting 59 MPH with her fastball. Paige has a great change-up at 45 MPH. I’ve had the privilege of watching Paige live, particularly during the 2020 PGF Class A Championships. Paige was confident and determined each time she entered the circle. She has incredible control of her pitches, moving them pitches in various zones and planes to keep hitters off-balance. Overall, she has a solid presence in the circle. Paige is a solid offensive hitter as well, being most successful in the 3, 4 or 5 spot. She has a very high softball IQ with innumerable intangibles that will make her successful at the collegiate level. She will be a great asset to any team.
— Chad Tuszkiewicz, ScoutU Scout, 414-313-9881,

Athletic Ability: I would rate Paige as average as far as athletic ability goes. She has a nice frame, but has not fully bought into the weight room to increase her athletic strength or overall athleticism. She has the frame to add strength and increase her lateral quickness, but she needs to work on that.

Skill Set: Paige’s softball skill set is above average. She has tremendous instinct for the game, understands situational play and is coachable. This last summer she started playing for my travel team, and my assistants (who both were successful offensive players at the college level) felt her batting approach needed a major overhaul. Paige quickly adapted to their suggestions and immediately began hitting the ball to all fields. She understands what coaches are trying to teach her, and she applies their knowledge to her game. She does need some work on the mound learning how to set up batters, as she no longer can just throw the ball past them (she has to become a pitcher, not a thrower) as she moves up to higher levels, but I feel she will quickly grasp this because she is quite the student of the game.

Character: Paige is a great kid. She understands this is a team sport and she is supportive of her teammates and coaches. As a pitcher, she realizes that her teammates are there to support her and she has confidence in them to have her back. I believe character is one of her biggest strengths. When she was younger she may have been a little more arrogant, but she has matured and has learned from some of the players in the grade above her on how to act and carry yourself as a member of a softball team.

Work Ethic: Paige loves softball, so if she sees what she is doing benefits her game, she is all in. Her work ethic is strong when it comes to getting better. She will take extra swings on a T if she sees the benefits. That’s why once she understands the weight room will improve her softball game, she will get in there more consistently. She wants to be a great softball player, so her work ethic matches that desire to be great.

Leadership: This would be one area where Paige needs work, but to be fair, all the teams she played on for me, there have been older kids who were phenomenal leaders already. My hope is that Paige has paid attention and learned from those kids. If she watched how they led our team this summer, then she learned from some of the best I’ve had. I think it is something she can do, but she just hasn’t had to yet.

Overall: Paige loves the game. I know she wants to play at the next level and that desire alone makes her recruitable. I’ve had many players go on to play in college, and Paige can definitely play at the next level. I am not sure what level. She isn’t the best pitcher I’ve had (who played Division II), but Paige isn’t just a pitcher – so that opens her up to playing a position, and she plays third base really well. She really wants it, and it’s my experience that at the college level, you have to really want it to continue playing beyond high school.
Mike Mathies, D.C. Everest H.S. Coach


My name is Paige Kislow, and I am a 2022 graduate of D.C. Everest High School in Wisconsin. Standing 5-7 and weighing 170 pounds, I play pitcher and third base, as well as utility. My cumulative GPA is 3.625, and I want to major in teaching or the medical field in college. During my softball career, I have won a National Championship and finished runner-up in another National Championship. I’ve been selected the MVP in multiple tournaments (about once a year since 2017). One thing that makes me stand out is how strong I am in the circle. I know how to constantly hit my spots, while throwing a 57-59 MPH fastball with a 10-15 MPH drop on my change-up. I’m also very good at fielding my position. In the batter’s box, I have a strong swing with a top exit velocity of 68 MPH.

When I play softball, not only do I think about what I need to do on the next play, I focus on what needs to happen on every pitch to be as successful as I can be. After every inning you’ll never see me jogging or walking onto the field – you’ll see me go out at a full sprint. I believe the way you take your position says a lot about who you are as a player and your desire to play the game. I also have great leadership skills on the field. I’m always trying to be as loud as I can in a very positive way towards my teammates. I’ll give my teammates feedback to not only make them better, but our whole team better. I’m unique in these ways because I love to have fun, while still getting my work done. It’s important to me to push both myself and my teammates. Besides games and practices, I practice softball every day, even with my crazy schedule. I believe T work is very important in being a good hitter. I try to hit off the tee for 1-1.5 hours/day, and try to find a way to hit live because it helps prepare me for games the best.

Outside of softball, I’m extremely hardworking in school. I have taken honors classes my freshman and sophomore years, and I’m continuing them into my junior and senior years as well. These next two years I’m also taking a few AP classes so I can challenge myself academically. I strive to keep my GPA above 3.5 and have perfect attendance. Some other clubs and activities I participate in are volleyball, Student Council and Forest Leadership. I also volunteer regularly at sporting events and community fundraising events such as the Epilepsy Stroll. Overall, I try to participate in as much as I can to better my leadership skills and make myself better as a person by helping those around me. Thank you for taking time out of your day to learn about me, and I hope we can talk soon!


GPA: 3.63
Class rank: NA
Enrollment: 1,234
Academic achievements: AP English as sophomore; AP Biology & AP World History as junior
Community service: Multiple non-profits in Wausau, WI
Other sports: Volleyball
Extracurricular activities: Student Council, School Force Leadership


April 24: Scrimmage 11 am @ Mosinee Turf
April 27: Doubleheader 4 pm @ Marshfield High
May 1: Quad 11 am @ Grandview Park
May 4: Doubleheader 4 pm @ Wausau East
May 7: 7 pm @ DC Everest High
May 8: 10 am @ DC Everest High
May 15: Doubleheader 11 am @ DC Everest High
May 18: Doubleheader 4 pm @ DC Everest High
May 21: Doubleheader 4 pm @ DC Everest High
May 25: 4 pm @ Woyak Park (Stevens Point)
May 29: Triangular 9 am @ Cedarburg High
June 1: Doubleheader 4 pm @ DC Everest High
June 5: Invitational 11 am @ Baraboo (Pierce Park Field)
June 8: 4 pm @ DC Everest High

June 17-20: S&C Showcase (Lakeville, MN) (Firepro)
July 1-3: PGF State (New Berlin, WI) (Firepro)
July 8-11: Beloit, WI (Firepro)
July 15-18: Sparkes Showcase (Elgin, IL) (Firepro)
July 23-25: Chippewa Falls, WI (Everest)
Aug. 12-15: Youth All-American Games (Myrtle Beach, SC)