CLASS: 2022






GPA: 3.8


MAJOR: Marketing/criminology

HIGH SCHOOL: South Milwaukee (#5)

CLUB TEAM: Queen of Diamonds 16U (#44)

HOMETOWN: South Milwaukee, WI




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SKILLS: 1.65 pop, 59 mph C, 64 mph IF, 73 mph exit, 2.98 20-yard dash, 3.24 H-1st, 6.14 H-2nd, 12.32 H-H, 4.69 5/10/5 shuttle, 6-10 broad jump

BLAST MOTION SWING METRICS: 0.15 time to contact, 21.8 mph hand speed, 17.6 rotation acceleration, 85% on-plane efficiency

JUNIOR (SOUTH MILWAUKEE H.S. VARSITY): .734 BA, .757 OBP, 1.484 SLG, 2.241 OPS, 18 G, 74 PA, 47 H, 12 2B, 6 3B, 8 HR, 47 RBI, 6 SB

2020 SUMMER/FALL CLUB (QUEEN OF DIAMONDS 16U): 72 G, .571 BA, .605 OBP, 1.005 SLG, 1.610 OPS, 191 AB, 74 R, 109 H, 26 2B, 6 3B, 15 HR, 94 RBI, .963 Field%, 16 CS, 15 PK

2019-2020 CLUB (QUEEN OF DIAMONDS 16U): .602 BA, .649 OBP, 1.055 SLG, 1.705 OPS, 53 AB, 128 AB, 77 H, 18 2B, 8 3B, 8 HR, 74 RBI, 6 SB, .937 FPCT, 142 PO, 50 A, 13 E, 9/20 SB (catcher), 12 PO

2019 CLUB: .437 BA, .503 OBP, .794 SLG, 1.297 OPS, 147 AB, 55 H, 17 2B, 5 3B, 6 HR, 46 RBI, 8 SB, .956 FPCT, 109 PO, 44 A, 7 E, 20 SBA, 10 CS

FRESHMAN (SOUTH MILWAUKEE H.S. VARSITY): .463 BA, .549 OBP, .791 SLG, 1.340 OPS, 67 AB, 31 H, 5 2B, 1 3B, 5 HR, 32 RBI, 14 BB, 2 SB

CLUB 2018 & 2019 (126 GAMES): .485 BA, .546 OBP, .926 SLG, 1.472 OPS, 126 G, 326 AB, 144 R, 35 2B, 17 3B, 25 HR, 153 RBI, 43 BB, 7 SO, 16/17 SB; .963 FPCT, 316 PO, 125 A, 17 E, 67 SBA, 34 CS


Woodland Conference Player of the Year
1st-Team Woodland All-Conference
1st-Team Woodland East Division
Team MVP
Team Captain

1st place, NAFA State Championship, June (Mauston, WI)

PGF Midwest Championships Gold Bracket, 5th place, Peoria, IL

1st-Team Woodland East All-Conference (utility)
Led team in home runs (5)
2nd on team in batting average (.463)
Game-winning home run in 10th inning vs. 1st-Team All-State pitcher (Elizabeth Koch) from Franklin in 3rd round of playoffs
3-5, grand slam, 4 RBIs vs. Cudahy
2 HRs (2-3, 5 RBI) vs. Greendale in 1st round of playoffs
HR vs. D1 recruit and Conference Pitcher of Year (Haley Wynn)
2-4, double, triple, 2 RBI vs. Greenfield
WIAA Regional champions
1st place, Cudahy Varsity Invitational

ASA Class A State champions
NSA State runner up

1st-Team All-Conference (junior)
Team MVP (junior)
Team captain (junior)
Most Unselfish Player (junior)
2nd-Team All-Conference (sophomore)
Varsity letter (freshman, sophomore, junior)
Most Spirited Award, voted on by teammates (freshman)
2019, 2020, 2021 Woodland East Conference champions


5-foot-7, 150 pounds. C/SS. R/R. Mia is an exceptional talent. I personally did her skills video and took her measurables and was very impressed with her abilities. She had an outstanding freshman season, earning 1st-Team All-Conference and hitting home runs off two of the best pitchers in the state — Elizabeth Koch (game-winning HR in the 10th inning in the 3rd round of the playoffs) and Haley Wynn — both who were D1 recruits. Power-hitter (25 home runs, 1.480 OPS in 2 club seasons) with a rocket arm (1.65 pop, 64 mph infield). At the plate, uses her strong legs and hips to generate power. Quick swing (0.16 time to contact, 73 mph exit). Aggressive at plate. Batted No. 3 on club team and No. 2/3/4 on varsity as a freshman. Mostly a pull hitter. Behind the plate, has a lightning quick release. Calls own games and excels at knowing her pitcher’s strengths/weaknesses and when to throw certain pitches. Aggressive throwing to 1st and 3rd. Has thrown out 50.7% of steal attempts. Solid with receiving, framing and blocking. Strong work ethic (does extra softball work outs on own and fitness/strength training). Very good student (3.8 GPA). Looking to major in marketing or criminology.
— Jason Lauren, ScoutU Milwaukee Area Scout, 414-303-7607, 

Mia Johnson, in simplest terms, is a great athlete who is an even better person. Mia brings a tremendous skill set offensively and defensively to the softball field.  Her offensive strengths include (home run) power to all fields, situational batting when needed, a great eye for the strike zone and the ability to remain calm and present at the plate regardless of the count. Defensively, Mia excels behind the plate with a strong arm and quick feet to pick off and throw out base runners. Mia has a firm understanding of calling a game behind the plate for any of our four pitchers. Additionally, when Mia is not catching, her ability to see the ball off the bat, quick reactions and sound glove make Mia a strong shortstop and outfielder when needed. 

Offensively, Mia holds herself responsible for every at bat.  Mia continues to grow as a player as she works to realize not every bat will be a successful outcome.  Behind the plate, Mia relies on her athleticism on balls in the dirt more than she should. Mia has worked hard on this over the past year and made great strides but still has room for improvement.  

As mentioned earlier, Mia is an even better person than she is an athlete.  Mia is a quiet person until she is comfortable with the people around her. She is a leader on our team and generally does this by example (performance on and off the field).  However, Mia will be a vocal leader when needed. Mia is as humble person as I have met. She is confident in her abilities both academically and athletically and expects only the best of herself when she steps on the field or in the classroom. Mia is a true asset for our team and organization both on and off the field.
— Troy Fields, Queen of Diamonds 16U coach

Mia Johnson is a spectacular recruit for your collegiate softball team.  Not only does Mia find a personal passion for softball, her work ethic and drive are second to none.  I have known Mia for 1 year, from the moment I met her, I knew her drive surpassed the greater majority of teenagers I have met. 

STRENGTHS: Mia possesses many strengths, which she uses to achieve success in many areas.  She is focused, unwavering and has high expectations for herself.  She sets her goals high in school and particularly her passion for softball. She has played many positions since age 10 and is currently a varsity player as a sophomore.  Mia is the type of player you want on your team with her positive outlook, commitment to winning and being successful. She is a leader at school, being a member of our Student Senate. As a high school coach, I believe she exemplifies that rare student that helps those around her achieve on the field as well. 

ATHLETIC IMPROVEMENTS: Mia is about mid-high range for quickness and could improve her flexibility. With her natural athletic ability and knowledge of the game, she contributes a lot to our team. Improving communication skills and mental toughness is important for all high school athletes. At the beginning of the season, Mia was shy and reserved. By the regional/state tournament she was an asset to her teammates with spirit and performance. 

CHARACTER: According to her teachers, what most impresses me about Mia in the classroom is her willingness to take challenges presented without complaint and works well with others. This is a quality trait of coachability. To say it would be beneficial to have Mia as part of your program is an understatement. Mia would be a vital contribution to any community, and I highly recommend her to your institution.
— Deb Robinson, co-head coach, South Milwaukee High School


My name is Mia Johnson, class of 2022 from South Milwaukee High School in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am a power-hitting catcher and shortstop.  I am 5-foot-7 and 150 pounds.  I have a 1.65 pop time and a 64 mph infield velocity. In my 2020 club summer/fall season, I had a 1.610 OPS, .571 BA, 15 HR and 94 RBI in 72 club games. I was a varsity starting catcher in my freshman high school season (my sophomore season was canceled) and was named a 1st-Team Woodland East All-Conference player. My cumulative GPA is 3.8, and I would like to major in either marketing or criminology. 

As an athlete, I am very confident, and I never doubt my ability to perform. Outside of my scheduled practices, I work out four to five days a week for 1 hour each day, doing full-body workouts. In school, I am currently enrolled in AP and accelerated classes, and I plan to take more throughout the rest of high school. I have been on the honor roll both semesters of my freshman year. I am involved in Student Senate and DECA, a marketing club.  Becoming a high-performing college student-athlete is my goal. I am passionate and dedicated to my goals and the effort required to achieve them.  

Thank you for taking the time to read about me.  I look forward to hearing from you.


GPA: 3.8
Enrollment: 1,136
Academic achievements: Honor Roll all semesters (freshman, sophomore, junior); NJHS (8th grade)
Other sports: Basketball
Extracurricular activities: DECA marketing club (freshman, sophomore, junior) — 2021 State Qualifier; Student Senate (freshman & sophomore)