CLASS: 2024






GPA: 3.38


MAJOR: Criminal justice

HIGH SCHOOL: West Bend West (#20)

CLUB TEAM: Wisconsin Bandits (#20)




SKILLS: 1.66 pop, 62 mph C, 64 mph IF, 3.51 home-1st, 6.91 home-2nd, 13.19 home-home

BLAST MOTION SWING ANALYTICS: 58 mph exit, 62.8 mph bat speed, 21.3 mph hand speed, 11.1 acceleration, 0.17 contact, 60% efficiency 

HIGH SCHOOL: .453 BA, .509 OBP, .663 SLG, 1.173 OPS, 43 H, 10 2B, 5 3B

CLUB: .312 BA, 29 H, 6 2B, .385 OBP, .376 SLG, .761 OPS


2nd-Team North Shore All-Conference (catcher)
1st in conference in hits (43)
1st on team in BA (.453)
1st on team in OBP (.509)
1st on team in SLG (.663)
1st on team in hits (43)
1st on team in doubles (10)

2019 BATS Team Leadership Award
12U BATS Class A ASA State Champions
12U BATS USA National Champions


5-foot-7, 115 pounds. R/R. C/3B/SS/UT. Mia is an exceptional talent. She already has a 1.66 pop and is throwing 62 mph from behind the plate as a catcher. Her infield velocity is 64 mph. Mia also excelled on varsity as a freshman, batting .453 with a 1.173 OPS and leading the conference with 43 hits from the leadoff spot. Has a good bat path, hits inside pitches well and makes adjustments by studying pitcher’s tendencies. Working to improve bat speed and having better pitch recognition. As a catcher, is a leader on the field. Calls own games and picks up on hitters’ weaknesses. Works with pitchers well. Quick transfer, quick feet and throws from knees to 2nd. Solid at blocking, keeping the ball in front of her. Frames pitches well. At 3B/SS, has fast reaction time and quick throwing motion. Has great work ethic. Has been seeing a catching coach since she was 8 years old. Also gets hitting lessons, goes to the field and gym on her own. Has bow net hits into on own. Very passionate player and is a gamer. Leader and cheers loudly on bench. Good student (3.39 GPA). Criminal justice major.
— Jason Lauren, ScoutU Scout, 414-303-7607 (cell), Jason@ScoutU.com

I have had the pleasure to watch and coach Mia Buske over the past 3 years in softball, which has given me an incredible insight of her overall great athletic ability and her exceptional character. On the field, Mia has taken a leadership role by helping and guiding her teammates.  Her outgoing personality and ability to communicate makes her a very good leader.  As a catcher, she utilizes her athletic ability, decision-making and leadership skills to guide her teammates.  Combined with her ability to communicate with her teammates, coaches and officials, Mia is a well-rounded athlete.  She is very coachable and has the ability to adapt to all situations.  Mia brings energy to whatever she is involved in, she is upbeat and is always cheering on her teammates. She has the ability to make players around her better, which is a great quality to have not only on the softball field, but in life itself.  Mia’s drive to continually improve goes far beyond my practices.  She is dedicated to perfecting her game by not only working on her skills, but working hard in the weight room so she can physically compete and surpass her own goals. Off the field, Mia is a great student and she handles all her extracurricular activities while still excelling in her academic responsibilities.  Mia’s hardworking, high-energy attitude would instantly make any program better.
— Steve Meredith, Wisconsin Bandits 14U Gold coach

The first time I saw Mia on a diamond, I knew she was an incredible athlete and talent. Her high school freshman season was amazing. Though she split time at catcher and shortstop, she earned 2nd-Team All-Conference at catcher in a 10-team conference (she received the most first-team votes among five nominees). She allowed just one stolen base vs. seven caught stealing and picked multiple runners off second base. She is savvy and has excellent knowledge of the game. She calls the game for her pitchers when she is behind the dish and makes excellent decisions in all facets of the game.

As a freshman on a team with two senior catchers, Mia didn’t blink an eye when asked to play shortstop (she had never played the position prior) when she didn’t catch. This was another opportunity to showcase her incredible athleticism, range, quick release and powerful arm. I believe she can play any position on the field (outside the circle) at a very high level. Also new to Mia was batting leadoff and she excelled in the role, helping her team set a new conference record for total bases. She has an excellent eye and excels at staying alive and hitting in two-strike situations. I’m excited to see her continued evolution as a hitter as she physically matures and gains strength. She is a very deft baserunner and talented at sliding. With three power bats behind her in the line-up, she didn’t have many opportunities to steal bases her freshman season. Baserunning is an integral facet in our program, and I’m confident she’ll become more of a threat on the bases as she embraces and incorporates more concepts.

Mia is a sponge when it comes to absorbing information and tidbits about the game and relentless in working on her tools and skills. She is open to and grasps concepts well and asks questions to be certain she understands the tools and skills and the “why.” Adding tools, such as drag and zone bunting, will help take her game to another level. Mia is a good leader, and I believe has great leadership potential. She was a definite leader on the field as a freshman with five and sometimes six seniors (including her sister) in the line-up. She has accepted the role as a captain on her team for her sophomore season. She is an incredible teammate and friend. On top of all of this, Mia is a wonderful young lady. She is kind, thoughtful, intelligent, funny, generous and caring among other attributes. I’ve been blessed to get to know her a little and excited for her opportunities to play this great game at a very high level.
— Ken Dischler, West Bend West High School coach


My name is Mia Buske. I am a 5-foot-7, 125-pound 2024 catcher at West Bend West High School in Wisconsin.  I have a 1.66 pop time and an overhand velocity of 62 mph behind the plate. This past high school season, I had a batting average of .453, and I led my conference in hits with 43. I finished my freshman year with a 3.38 GPA.  Something that stands out about me is that I feel that I am a very natural leader both on and off the field and have recently been asked to be a team captain for my high school team starting next year, my sophomore year.

I am very good at keeping runners from advancing on the bases with my blocking and pitch-calling, allowing the ball to be placed on certain sides of the field. With softball the only sport I play, that leaves a lot of time for me to practice outside of my club practices.  When not at a club practice, I go to the gym to build up strength in my arms and legs, or I tend to go to the fields with my dad and work on certain parts of the game, like my hitting or fielding.  In my past school year, I took two honors classes.  I will continue to do that next year, along with an AP class.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me.  I look forward to learning about you and your school.


GPA: 3.38
Class rank: 41st/235
Enrollment: NA
Academic achievements: High Honor Roll (7th & 8th grade), 3rd Place at State Forensics (7th grade)
Other sports: Tennis


June 17-20: Battle of the Borders Tournament (Salem, WI)
June 25-27: Heartland Havoc Shootout (Moline, IL)
July 1-4: Midwest Firecracker Showcase (Westfield, IL)
July 9-11: Stars & Stripes (St. Charles, IL)
July 20-24: WFC/Summer National (Shawnee, KS)