CLASS: 2023




R/L: Right-handed

GPA: 4.29


MAJOR: Undecided

HIGH SCHOOL: Marion (#8)




Livestream Games HERE


Sophomore season moved to spring 2021

635 assists, 8 assists/set, 61 aces, 92.5 serve %, 118 digs, 3.5 digs/match, 51 kills, .319 hitting %


All-South 1st Team
All-Conference 2nd Team
3 All-Tournament Selections: Marion Invitational, Massac Superman Slam Invitational and South Seven Conference Tournament

Haylee Lambert


Haylee is a very intelligent setter who can command a high-tempo offense. She works the court well, transitions seamlessly and can implement a variety of sets that keep the defense guessing, which places her attackers in optimal position to make the team successful. Haylee operates in a 5-1 offense, playing her defensive position well by reading the play and understanding her responsibility. She is a very coachable player and has a lot of resilience. Haylee places great emphasis on her academics, boasting a 4.22 weighted GPA. She is a focused and determined student-athlete, going to great lengths to improve herself on and off the court. Haylee possesses all the skills and intangibles to make a successful transition to the collegiate level.
— Chad Tuszkiewicz, ScoutU Scout, 414-313-9881, Chad@ScoutU.com

I’ve had the opportunity to coach Haylee at the high school varsity level, as well as on an 18s club team this season. As a freshman, Haylee came into our program and made an immediate impact. She shouldered the responsibility of running a 5-1 and excelled in doing so. In just one short season, Haylee advanced her game to include jump setting and attacking from the front row. She continues to grow as a leader and always sets a great example for other players.

Ability: Haylee is a phenomenal setter with a great eye for the game. She is able to learn her hitters and deliver the ball exactly where each of them needs it. She reads the game well and is able to use the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing team to our advantage. I have tasked Haylee with running a fast offense, and she delivers even with out-of-system balls. She plays strong defense and has a top-tier jump serve as well.

Athletic Skill: Haylee is a natural athlete, and she has continued to play multiple sports at a high level. This has helped her to be a well-rounded athlete physically, and contributes to her mental toughness.

Character: Haylee is the type of person every coach aspires to have on their team. She sets an example for all those around her. She treats her teammates, coaches and officials with utmost respect. I can count on Haylee to lead by example in the gym and in the community.

Work Ethic: Haylee’s work ethic matches or beats any athlete I have worked with in the 14 years I’ve been coaching. She thrives off of a challenge and is never satisfied with “good enough.” Not only does Haylee hold herself to the highest expectations in the gym with our team, but she also pushes herself outside our practices. Haylee has a setting wall at home and regularly completes setting workouts on her own time. She has also worked very hard to maximize her physical fitness. Haylee works weekly on a Vertimax and with a trainer for speed and agility workouts.

I am incredibly proud to have Haylee on my team and would gladly recommend her for the next level.
— Beth Mitacek, Marion H.S. Coach, emitacek@marionunit2.org

I’ve had the opportunity to coach Haylee since she was 10 years old and she came to me for private lessons. In addition to private lessons, I’ve been Haylee’s club coach and club director for the past four years. She is currently running a 5-1 and is my floor captain on my U16 national team.

Haylee is one of the hardest working kids I have ever coached, and I have watched her grow into an amazing setter and jump server in the time I’ve coached her. Haylee often takes other team’s off guard, as she is not physically imposing, but when she steps on the court they quickly realize she is our floor general and extremely skilled.

Ability: Haylee is currently one of the best high school setters and jump servers in Southern Illinois as only a sophomore. She has an incredibly high volleyball IQ and she completely dictates the tempo of our games. She is the floor general and reads the court exceptionally well. She has the ability to run a fast offense, as evidenced by her success on the U18 national team as well. Haylee has great hands and a unique gift when it comes to set selection and distribution, both in and out of system. She jump sets nearly every ball, which makes her an offensive threat and also helps isolate blocks for her hitters. She is very skilled at seeing the court when dumping and always keeps teams honest when she’s in the front row. Haylee is also our top server. I taught her to jump serve at an early age, and now she has a top-notch jump serve that is good for several aces and service runs. 

Athletic Skill: Haylee is a great athlete and I have watched her have success at volleyball, basketball and soccer. Haylee is very fit and dedicated to her teams, playing volleyball and soccer at a very high level. Playing at these levels have contributed to Haylee’s mental toughness, and she consistently performs well under pressure. Haylee has the ability to play multiple sports in college, but has an unparalleled passion and love for the game of volleyball.

Character & Work Ethic: Haylee has been my floor captain every year I have coached her, both because she is the leader on the floor and because no one is more dedicated or hardworking than Haylee. She is always a team player and spends countless hours both inside and outside of the gym working on setting, serving, jumping and agility. Even when she is playing high school volleyball and soccer, playing on two national-level club teams and doing speed and agility training on her own, she has still made time to come in for 1-2 private lessons with me per week. When Haylee gets her mind set on a goal, she gives it 1000%. This has been obvious to see as she has been working towards her goal to be a high-level college volleyball player.

Summary: As both a college coach and club director I have observed, coached and recruited many athletes. Based on this knowledge, I am confident that Haylee is highly capable of playing college volleyball and will excel at a high level of competition.
— Reggie Bateman, Rend Lake College Coach


My name is Haylee Lambert, and I am a 2023 graduate of Marion High School in Illinois. My height is 5-6 and I weigh 135 pounds. My main position is a setter, but I have played the libero spot when needed. My cumulative GPA is a 4.29, and I am currently ranked #1 out of 296 students in my class. My perseverance and passion for the game make me a unique individual and athlete. As a young kid, no one ever thought I’d play sports, due to vision issues. After two surgeries before the age of 5, I have pushed myself and worked very hard to overcome those obstacles and excel in athletics. I have been fortunate to compete at the varsity and club levels in both volleyball and soccer. In volleyball, I ran a 5-1 on varsity starting my freshman year. That season, I earned 3 All-Tournament Team honors, All-Conference 2nd Team and the All-South Team. I also am currently running a 5-1 offense on two club teams. I play on the Southern Illinois Volleyball Academy’s (SIVBA) U16 and U18 national teams. I am also on the varsity high school soccer team.

My leadership ability is shown with my positive attitude and leading by example. I understand that with being a leader, actions are just as important, if not more important, than words. I’ve had the honor of being captain on numerous club teams, and have also served as captain of my varsity volleyball team as a freshman and a sophomore. Off the court, I have a very strong worth ethic. In order to improve my agility, speed and vertical, I have a Vertimax in my garage that I use regularly. I complete many workouts, such as attending cardio kickboxing workouts in the morning before school, circuit training, biking and practicing with the setting wall we built on our barn. I also find every opportunity to get in the gym for private lessons, and just to get extra reps. 

Along with my athletic strengths, I also take a lot of pride in my academics. When I’m not playing volleyball, I spend a lot of time studying and completing homework. I have always been a straight-A student, and am currently #1 in my graduating class. This year I am taking several weighted honors courses and one AP class. Next year, I am scheduled to take 5 AP courses. I know this will be very challenging, but I am motivated and always want to do my best. In addition to these classes, I am a member of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), and an active member in Unified Cats. I enjoy FBLA because business has always interested me, and I find it helps with my leadership skills. I also enjoy spending time and helping those with special needs in Unified Cats. Additionally, I have volunteered at many food banks, at the VA, and at my Junior High School volunteer coaching. Along with that, my church youth group has spent many days serving underprivileged people in our community food, and volunteering on many projects for underserved populations. During this pandemic, I have kept myself busy by taking part in a full-time internship at SIU Carbondale’s police department, doing data analysis and anything else that needs to get done. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile, and I hope we can talk soon!

Haylee Lambert


GPA: 4.29
Class rank: 1st/296
Enrollment: 1,093
Academic achievements: Math Honor Society; National Honor Society; AP Courses: AP Literature, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP American History, AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics


April 12: West Frankfort
April 15: Belleville Althoff
April 19: Duquoin
April 20: Carmi
April 22: Carbondale

April 10-11: Volley for the Roses (Louisville, KY)
April 23-25: Adidas Windy City National Qualifier (St. Louis, MO)
May 18-19: 21 Donna Meyer Gateway Girls Bid Event (St. Louis, MO)
May 29-30: 21 KIVA Memorial Day Classic (Louisville, KY)
June 11-13: Navy Pier National Volleyball Championships (Chicago, IL)
July 1-5: 21 USAV Girls’ Jr. National Championships (Las Vegas, NV)