CLASS: 2022


HEIGHT: 5-10


R/L: Right-handed

GPA: 3.2


MAJOR: Medical/Biology

HIGH SCHOOL: Schaumburg (#30)

CLUB TEAM: IL Hustle 17 Red (#35)

HOMETOWN: Schaumburg, IL



13.6 points/game, 5.5 rebounds/game, 1.8 assists/game, 1.2 steals/game, 28 deflections, 13 blocks, 36% 3-pointers, 71% free throws, 51% 2-pointers


Mid-Suburban League All-Conference
Scored 21 points (5 three-pointers) and grabbed 6 rebounds vs. Barrington

Played on varsity


All-Conference shooting guard Alyssa Orozco sports 14 PPG and 6 RPG. She does not disappoint! High field-goal percentage and shooting from the 3-point line. Made 5 three-pointers while scoring 21 points with 6 rebounds in a game vs. Barrington. Consistent set shot. Can sink her jumper off the dribble and step back beyond the 3-point line. Good hands. Anticipates passes for steals regularly. Tough defensively on top or under the basket, pulling down rebounds. Blocks shots and gets deflections without fouling. Solid ball handing, including driving with her left hand. Can pull up for jumpers or finish with a soft touch. Aggressive on defense, fighting for loose balls. Played varsity as a freshman.
— Linda Blackwell Bentley, ScoutU Scout, 312-909-3602,

I have been lucky enough to coach Alyssa Orozco since her freshman year at Schaumburg High School. When Alyssa stepped on the court her freshman year, I
knew we had to have her on varsity immediately. Her confidence with the ball, ability to get to the rim, and her overall knowledge of the game allowed me to immediately place her at our highest level.

Alyssa has a variety of strengths. To start, she’s a gamer. Put her in a game and she will perform – it’s as simple as that! Her ability to get to the basket and finish or get
fouled is unmatched on our team. If you take a look at her game against Sandburg, she had 25 points and went 13/14 from the FT line. Getting to the line that many times against a top-tier team is a feat in itself. She moves with fluidity as she approaches the basket and is able to maneuver the ball in a variety of ways to get it in the hoop. Additionally, Alyssa is a phenomenal outside shooter. Her shot is smooth and consistent. One thing Alyssa has worked on since her freshman year is speeding up her shot and lengthening her distance from 3-point range. Finally, her ability to see the court and break through a variety of defenses on the dribble or with a pass allows her to play any position needed. 

As a person, Alyssa will come off as quiet. She has a shy demeanor at first, but this does not translate into her game or impact her relationships with teammates and coaches. Her teammates, from the very start, gravitated towards her. She is kind with a dry sense of humor that has allowed her to become friends with all of her teammates. From her freshman to junior year, she built on her vocal leadership and holds teammates accountable throughout practices and games. Both my assistant and I would agree that Alyssa is coachable, thoughtful in her practice, and a great person to be around. 

Any college would be lucky to have Alyssa Orozco representing their program. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need additional information/feedback.
— Jacqie Strauch, Schaumburg High School Coach, (708) 704-1071,

Alyssa Orozco is a strong guard. Has our highest shooting percentage from the arc. A strong finisher who seeks contact and finishes through it. Handles and finishes equally well with either hand. Talented ball-handler who passes like a point guard, but can post up down low too. Speed, strength, and height make her a tough match-up. Can guard any position. Extremely coachable and still adding to her skill set. Holds herself to a high standard. Is loved by her teammates and her coaches (who really appreciate her sense of humor).
— Heather Glaser, Illinois Hustle Head Coach


Hi, my name is Alyssa Orozco and I am a 2022 graduate at Schaumburg High School in Illinois. I’m 5-foot-10 and weigh 145 pounds. The positions I play are shooting guard and small forward. My current GPA is a 3.2. I have played at the high school varsity level and played AAU ball for the Illinois Hustle since my freshman year. I made Mid-Suburan League All-Conference and averaged 13.6 points/game as a sophomore.

I am a very determined and hardworking athlete who will put in the work to be the best player I can be. I am an unselfish player and will move the ball to whomever has the greatest scoring opportunity. My goal is to give it 110% for every practice and every game. Also, there are little things that matter to me such as passing, getting assists and rebounding. It’s not always about how many points I’ve scored. Additionally, the most important thing to me is winning and doing whatever it takes to win. Besides scheduled practices, I also work out 4-5 times a week with the intent of getting stronger and getting additional time at the basket. My workouts are about 1.5-2 hours long.

Next year as a senior, I will be taking one or two AP classes. One thing I do to give back is help my mom with students at her elementary school. I spend my time helping her as well as the students with their technology needs. For the past 5 years, I have attended the school’s yearly Field Day and assisted in making it a successful event for all.

I would like to thank you for your time and allowing me the opportunity to share who I am as a student-athlete.


GPA: 3.2
Class rank: NA
Enrollment: 2,095


April 9-11: Race for the Legacy (Waukesha, WI)
April 23-25: USJN (Milwaukee, WI)
May 7-9: Champions Challenge (Appleton, WI)
May 28-30: Victory Region Finals (Fischers, IN)
July 5-8: Run 4 the Roses (Louisville, KY)
July 10-12: Nike Tournament of Champions (Chicago, IL)
July 24-26: USJN Finals (Chicagoland)